Wuthering Heights 


A storm rises on the West Yorkshire moor.  A remote and crumbling farmhouse is battered by wind, snow and driving rain.  Thunder cracks.  All is bleak and desolate.  Heathcliff stumbles out into the night.  He is encircled by the ghosts of the dead. 
Performed by Helena Raeburn and Ben Lewis.

Face To The Rain


Cathy and Heathcliff are at the mercy of her violent and remorseless brother Hindley.  Heathcliff suffers degradations and beatings at his hands.  Following a particularly brutal attack on Heathcliff, Cathy and he huddle together in the rain outside of Wuthering Heights and seek solace in one another.  


Beyond The Garden Wall


Catherine Linton is full of adventurous spirit and longs to explore the world outside of the confines of her home and her family.  She dreams of what - and who - might be out there in the world she is yet to explore, and makes the decision to go out on her own and seek her future.  It is a decision which will have disasterous consequences and will place her in immediate danger.


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